Renee & Micks Homestead

We stopped by Renee and Mick’s homestead on our way back home this summer.   Luckily, Renee mentioned I shouldn’t be concerned when I saw a gravel road to go down.   When I saw it, I was concerned for a few seconds; then realized that if they could get their coach in there, I shouldn’t have an issue as they are probably 1 foot taller and 5 foot longer.   It was very tight going, narrow and completely tree-lined, very close on each side of this long one-lane gravel road.  I wondered what would happen if somebody came the other way.  Luckily no one did.   There wasn’t anywhere to pull off that I saw.  Within a few minutes, I saw their motorhome and was glad we made it there.   Mick came out to point out a few places where we could park.  We drove the bus over top where they will be building the house.

I could not believe how much work they had done in the short time since they bought that forested land:   Removing about an acre of trees, which would be no small feat; bringing in power; drilling a well; installing a septic system and leech field.  And they were traveling and working a lot of the time!

Renee had insisted she make dinner the night we were there.  I had assumed we would go out or at least get takeout.  But as we got there, I realized she was right, as we were driving away from the freeway, there wasn’t anywhere nearby their homestead for takeout or dine in.

We got to see the foot print for their house and shop building.   I learned that the building department does not allow them to build the shop first, but have to build the house then the shop.   I thought it would be nice to build the shop, pull their motorhome inside out of the weather, and then build the house; but the local building department won’t allow them to do that.

After a very nice dinner, we discussed interesting happenings and some of the travails of motorhome travel.  They had an incredible experience when pulling into a wedding venue and the dip at the entrance lifted their drive wheels off the ground so they were stuck and needed a large wrecker to pull them off.  The most interesting part was their motorhome manufacturer installs rollers at the rear of the coach for just such a scenario.  Without rollers, I would guess there would have been substantial damage to the undercarriage.   Yikes!

The next morning we said our goodbyes and headed back out that gravel road to find some pavement and get to our next stop at 7 Feathers Resort.  Hope to see their beautiful home after it is completed!!