Whitehorse Yukon

The drive from Teslin to Whitehorse was pretty nice, and the roads were especially good once we hit the Whitehorse Highway maintenance sign.  You could see and feel the difference!  At the Hi Country RV Park, we got the exact same site as last time we were here.  Coincidence?

Mexican for dinner at Sanchez Cantina Saturday night.   As we drove up, we realized Kathy and I had been here last time for lunch.  And it didn’t disappoint!  The food was very good.  Hard to imagine getting great Mexican food way up here.

We headed out to Miles Canyon for a hike.  It was quite a nice hike in the woods.  There was even a small wooden suspension bridge on the trail.   Later that evening we headed to Boston Pizza for dinner.  Wasn’t anywhere near as good as the pizza we had back in Edmonton at their Boston Pizza.   We also went to a Canadian Tire store.  Kind of seemed more like a big box store – huge.  I never actually saw tires in there.