Meziadin Lake and Fish Creek.

We were able to dump at Meziadin Junction (an awful experience)  and then drove the couple miles to the campground.  We had a great campsite facing the lake with an island right in front.  Next morning we drove to Hyder (Fish Creek) and to our surprise got to see “Runner” a Grizzly that was hungry for fresh Salmon and he put on a show for us.  It was raining and very cold, so after about an hour watching his antics,  I went back to the car and turned the heater on high.  Kathy and Sue and Larry stayed out watching him.  So incredible to see him so up close!!

On the drive back to Meziadin (more than an hour) we stopped by The Bus for lunch and were heartbroken to see a sign in the window next door at The Shack, that they were closed for the season.

We then drove across the border back into Canada and looked for a place to eat.  The only place open in Stewart, Canada, was a small trailer next to the grocery store that only served pulled pork sandwiches.  The owner told us that the Mexican restaurant closed when they all got deported.  The hotel could get no staff to open its restaurant, and the pizza place is hit or miss because they can also not get any staff.   And the bakery was just closed that day.  So pulled pork was for lunch.

To our surprise we got a text from friends of ours that were traveling in Alaska too, we had met up with them in Quartz Creek (Coopers Landing) and weren’t thinking we would see them again till probably Christmas back in San Diego, but now they were joining us the next day.   That was really nice to see more folks we knew while on this very long journey.

They arrived the next day and coincidentally around the same time, new acquaintances arrived that day too.  We had not met Devin and Cheryl before.  We all had a few happy hours together while staying at Meziadin Lake.   Scott, Tami, Kathy and I drove back down to Hyder that following morning, but we didn’t get to see any bears in the creek.  The rangers mentioned that Runner hadn’t been back in a couple days.

After hanging out, we drove back over to Stewart (from Hyder, Ak) and the only place open this time was the bakery.   Scott and I had the dipped beef (aka french dip)  Apparently the French speaking folks from Quebec aren’t on their friends list.   The sandwich was really good.  Personally it was much better than the pulled pork sandwich from the other day.

On the long drive back to Meziadin, we took a few pictures of the Bear Glacier.   It was a lot smaller than it was back in 2019.


One afternoon we drove over to the Fishway to take some photos.  Got to watch the salmon trying to jump up the small dams waterfall instead of going up the fish ladder. Hopefully they figured that out and got upstream, which I surmised was Meziadin Lake.

Our last day there Greg and Cheryl drove up and got a lake front site next to Larry and Sue.  The rest of their group camped down at Big Bear in Stewart.   That evening there (a VERY windy evening)  someone spotted a Grizzly just across from us on the island.  Within minutes we had quite a throng of people in front of our coaches taking pictures with all sorts of cameras, large and small.

The following morning we said our goodbyes, assuming we wouldn’t see any of them for a while.  But again, we were pleasantly surprised to see Scott and Tami in Prince George a few days after we left them.  Devin and Cheryl also stopped by in PG to say hi.