Waterton Lakes National Park, Glacier National Park

We arrived at Waterton Lakes campground to 72+ degrees, blue skies and a light breeze.   Heavenly!  This next picture is the view to the hotel from our campsite.   The next afternoon you could barely see it.

Took a walk over to the Red Chairs — it’s a Canada   thing — and sat down to look at the beautiful view.  It was nothing less than spectacular!  I could have sat there all day.

The following afternoon the smoke arrived and depending on the wind, it made seeing the mountains a blur!    Larry & Sue arrived a little after 5 pm the day after we arrived, leaving Billings, MT, around 7:30 in the morning.  That’s a really LONG drive!   He mentioned that was the longest he’d ever driven any of his RV’s, and would not do that again if possible.   They started full-timing in the early 2000’s.

That evening we all were very hungry and Larry had spotted a pub on his way in, so we drove over there.  We went into the “Pub” but the only food they served were nachos.   There was a restaurant just down the hallway, so we went down there.  As we got to the host table, I said to our group, “We might be under dressed for this place.”  It was beautifully set up.

Lucky for us, they didn’t care about our attire.   It was one of the better meals I’ve had on the road.   My potato soup was to die for.  I had never tasted anything that good before that I can recall.   I had the curry chicken on rice, which was good too; but the soup, wow, I will never forget that.  Everyone else loved their dinner too.  A really surprise fancy dinner!

We drove over to the Prince of Wales Hotel, which turns out wasn’t open yet. They were still removing the boards from the winter closure.  They wouldn’t let us inside, but we got to check out the view, and what a view it was! (even with the smoke)  Gorgeous.  The hotel was set to open up the afternoon we were leaving.  We looked into staying for an extra day or two, but it was Victoria Day long weekend and the campground was fully booked.

We left there and headed out to Cameron Lake, a 22-mile winding mountain road.  Beautiful day use area.  The lake still had lots of ice.  We wandered around there for about an hour.  It was a beautiful spot.   While driving out we passed the first oil well in Western Canada.  There was a replica just off the road.   Some waterfalls and Caribou grazing on the side of the road.  There were also a herd of Big Horn Sheep right at the turnoff to Cameron Lake.  There were a few of these large metal grates built up next to the road which may help prevent ice from hitting the roadway.  Not sure if that is what they are for.

On the way back, we stopped at a fairly large waterfall not far from our campsite.  I had been hearing it for a couple of days, so we decided to check it out.  It was a spectacular roaring falls.  Lots of water crashing down.  Took some pics and headed back to the campground to make lunch.

The next morning we headed out another small road, which was much shorter, not as beautiful as the prior day, but very nice nonetheless.   After we got back to the main road, we headed over to Haybarn.  Sadly, there was no Haybarn out there that we cold find.   But there was some camping areas and a small building that looked like toilets.   That one was a pretty smooth dirt road, and along the way out we stopped to watch a couple Grouse which seemed to be courting.

We hitched up the cars and headed out Friday morning to a campground outside of Calgary in a small town called Cochrane, AB.