Fort Nelson for a Night

The drive to Fort Nelson started out on a very smooth road till we got to Profit River where it became the Alcan road I remembered, lots of potholes to dodge and a few frost heaves to boot most of the way into Ft. Nelson.

My plan was to fuel up some in Ft. Nelson all along; but when I checked that afternoon, I noticed that fuel was almost exactly the same price in Whitehorse as Ft. Nelson, so I put in as much as it would take.  It was about $5 a gallon there,  quite a difference from the $3.50 diesel @ Costco in Grand Prairie!

We had another one-night stay at the Triple G Hideaway, a very nice place considering all the others on the Alcan highway.   We didn’t do much there, although the ladies found a gift shop to drop some coin.  We now have a couple new pillows with bears on them.

We headed out in the morning for a leisurely drive to Muncho Lake.