Crow Butte, an Island on the Columbia River

Quite a nice place in the middle of nowhere on an island in the Columbia River.   We have stayed elsewhere along the Columbia River and it’s a major artery for trains heading east and west, on both sides of the river.  Luckily this time there were no crossings so we didn’t hear one whistle during the 5 nights we camped there.

A few days into being their I happened to be looking out the side window and saw a huge tractor driving by.   After a few seconds I saw that it was pulling a fairly large 5th wheel trailer.   It then pulled in next to us.  We occasionally see HDT’s (heavy duty trucks) but usually they are the smaller regional style Volvo’s.   This was a first seeing something this big pulling a 5th wheel.   I bet its challenging when you have to go to the grocery store in that thing.  The tractor itself is very long and probably doesn’t fit well into a handicap space at the store..

The first couple days there was almost no wind, but there were a lot of flies.  Kind of made sitting outside an annoying game of swatting the flies constantly.   Then suddenly on the 3rd afternoon a constant 10 MPH wind started and stayed around that speed for the rest of the week.  The day prior to leaving, it got a bit higher and most of the afternoon there were whitecaps on the river.   That seemed very odd.

They do water the grass here constantly like water is free.  I guess they might have a shallow well that fills from the river.  All around the area it was quite arid.  Golden brown hillsides with the occasional vineyard on a hillside.

It was a long way to anywhere from here.  The closest town was 14 miles, and it was just 3 restaurants and a fuel station.  I drove there to pick up lunch one afternoon, it just seemed like a very long drive.  We are on the north side of the river (Washington side) and it was probably 40 miles east to a  bridge to civilization and about 60 miles to the west.   There is pretty much nothing along the river on the Washington side.