Deer Lodge Montana

Checked out the car museum here in Deer Lodge and was surprised how good it was!   I was thinking there would be a bunch of cars, but there seemed to be hundreds after you snaked thru a lot of rooms where you couldn’t see more till you walked thru the next doorway.  They had a lot of old cars starting out with an odd looking 3 wagon-wheeled contraption that looked like it would tip over on any turn,  and ended up with 1970’s muscle cars.  There was even a Super Bird in the collection.

One of the coolest displays I have ever seen was a 1933 Kozy Kamper Pop-up Trailer.  It was in very good shape for something that will be 90 years old next year.

To my delight there was even a funny little car that one of my childhood eccentric neighbors picked me up in when I was  hitchhiking to the beach one summer morning.  When he stopped, he opened the door, which was the whole front of the car.  Even the steering wheel moved with that door.  It was a bright-red German Messerschmidt, exactly the same as the one I was currently standing in front of!  I had never seen anything like it back then, nor have I ever seen another one since then, till today.  This one was even the same color.

This picture is of a car with the first car air-conditioner, looked more like a swamp cooler to me

This town even had a large Safeway Grocery Store, and the town itself is much smaller than our prior stop, Livingston, MT.