Colorado Springs.

We couldn’t any campgrounds with vacancy so we left early from our Royal Gorge campground to see if we could get a FCFS campsite at the Colorado Springs Elks lodge.   We lucked out, there were two spaces unoccupied.   We had a base camp for the area now!   We had tickets for the next morning on the Cog Railway to the Pikes Peak summit.   Then we wanted to check out the Garden of the Gods and the Air Force Academy Chapel.

I was also trying to get someone to replace the Intake and Exhaust Camshaft Solenoids on the car.  I purchased an ODB2 Code Reader and figured out the issue was with the those two solenoids.  For a while now, everywhere I called was too busy for many weeks before they could work on it.  I really didn’t want to do the work myself, but I was thinking I might have to.  I drove over to the local Chevy dealer in the north end of CS and they were able to do the work in about an hour.

One afternoon driving around the city on the freeway I saw an object that made me think we would find Richard Dean Anderson, AKA Jack O’Neill.  We had to drive over and get a closer look.  From the distance it really looked like the SG, but not once we got there.

July 13th thru the 17th.