South Fork, Colorado

I was hoping to find a place near Pagosa Springs, but there was nothing available that we could fit into; so I kept looking further and further and found a place with a spot for us in South Fork.

The drive there was interesting. Once we got to the grade for Wolf Creek Pass, it got steeper than any of the grades we had done since starting this adventure in 2017.   I was literally in second gear going up that hill.  That had never happened before.  I was talking to a buddy that grew up in Colorado, and he asked me if I had ever heard the song about Wolf Creek Pass.  I hadn’t and then found it on Spotify and listened in.  It was by that trucker guy,  CW McCall, from way back.   It was a long, steep climb to the top.  Seemed to take forever.

There was an interesting structure along the highway.  We only got a picture of it from inside it, but I found a Gmaps Street View.  It was a cover of concrete angled at about 25 degrees to allow the rock slides to go over the road instead of on to it.  Never seen one of these before.  Seems like a great idea and could be used in many other places.

We made it to South Fork and of course Larry wasn’t anywhere to be found.  It was a very small town, with a grocery store and hardware store above the grocery!  Not sure I had seen that before.

The campground was called Grand View Cabins and RV Resort.  (Way too many places use the “Resort” moniker in their name, and they do not in any way resemble a resort)   It was a nice place to get hailed on though.  That seems to be a Colorado staple… hail.  And thunderstorms every afternoon.

While checking out the place, 98% of all license plates in the park were from Texas.   I asked my neighbor if there was a direct freeway from Texas to here.  He laughed and said no, but it sure looks like there must be one.

The weather there was nice and cool being at a high elevation.  Most of the folks here were staying all summer.   Since Haviland Lake was electric only, we used this place to refill the water tank.   Our next stop was just outside of Salida where we would dump and refill again so we could dry camp for 8 nights with the Xscapers group rally.

June 29th thru July 1st