Watson Lake Sign Install

We drove from Teslin Lake to Nugget City, the Baby Nugget RV Park. The folks in the office were struggling to keep up with the folks coming in to register when we arrived. We found our site and deployed the slides and set up for the couple of day stay here.

Most of the drive from Teslin was in the rain.  And when we got to Baby Nugget, it was dry but looked like it might rain soon, so I tied the ladder to the car’s roof rack and finished painting the lag screws and washers black that would be holding the sign that we are putting up in the Sign Post Forest.
Then we headed over to Watson Lake, YT, for the endeavor. And of course it started to rain just a few miles down the road, but a few miles later it was dry. But just prior to the town it started raining again and was still raining as we parked next to the Sign Post Forest.

I got out to look for the best place to hang our sign and got soaking wet as most of the posts that I had imagined placing our sign on were now full. After a bit I found a few posts with space about 8′ off the ground and went back for the ladder, sign, and paraphernalia to attach it.
By then Larry, Sue and Kathy came out in the pouring rain to help. Larry held the ladder while Kathy and Sue took pictures.

Once ours was up, Larry grabbed the ladder and put up their sign while I held the ladder for him.  A bunch more pics were taken and they went off to find their signs from the previous two Alaska trips with Kathy. I went back in the car to warm up as I had been out in the cold rain a lot longer than them.

When I got in the car and tried to start it, I got silence and a few dash lights. I re-positioned the gear shift and the towing switch and tried again, still nothing. I then waited a couple minutes and tried again with the same result.
Then I started to swear a bit, and just then I noticed my car key fob didn’t have the key part extended. I was using the special Tow Key that I had created when we first started to tow the Equinox. It was made without the security chip that allows the car to start. It’s only good for unlocking the steering wheel to allow towing.  LOL.  I put in the correct key and BAM, the car started and I had heat.

We drove over to the liquor store so Kathy could fax a bunch of documents back to San Diego. (yes, the liquor store had a government office inside)  Then we headed over to the grocery store to correct an emergency situation.  Kathy had taken the last roll of TP out of the bathroom cabinet earlier in the week and not mentioned it till we got to Baby Nugget yesterday afternoon!!

A couple hours after getting back to the bus, it started to snow.  And this mornings it’s snowing again.  Winter has arrived in the North!  (Aug 17th)