On the Road Again!

Check out the camera and GPS to see where we are today.

While I was trying to get my knee better I was doing some planning and installs.  I replaced all 6 batteries in the coach,  4 house batteries and 2 chassis batteries.    I also wired in a Shunt to allow metering of the power inbound and outbound from the house batteries.   I also installed a Bogart Trimetric Meter  above the thermostat on the hallway wall.
Pulling the wires from the battery bay to that interior wall was very difficult and time consuming, but its done now.    After all that was done, I ordered all new LED bulbs to replace the fluorescent tubes on the ceiling and above the sink.   I had replaced all the fluorescent tubes not long after purchasing the coach due to darking ends, but they needed to be replaced again as they were quickly turning dark grey at the ends again.  Researching that, it seems the ballasts need to be replaced.  Fast forward to now, I didn’t want to waste more money on those tubes and bit the upgrade bullet.  Changing them out was quite a bit more difficult than the videos implied.   Turns out my fixtures had the reflective shielding riveted in.  As I wanted to keep the existing coach wiring coming thru the ceiling as long as possible I had to drill them out while the fixture dangled over my head.  (had to drill them from the back side)

They’re all done now.   Thank God!


We are traveling…