The long drive back to San Diego

In New Orleans my knee started giving me trouble again, probably due to all the running around in Red Bay trying to get things to happen.   Kathy really wanted to get home anyway, so we are just driving about 300 miles a day toward SD.

First night was in Beaumont, Texas, then on to San Antonio for Saturday night.  Sunday night was spent in Fort Stockton, Texas.  Geez, Texas is a big state and El Paso is still about 200 more miles.  We spent the the night in Las Cruces, New Mexico on Monday, then on to the Tucson area, actually someplace called Picacho, AZ, about 40 miles north of there Tuesday evening.

We arrived in San Diego yesterday on Wednesday, October  25th!!   Kathy was sad to leave all the trees of the East Coast.   Western Texas all the way to the steep Mountain Springs Grade to the Jacumba Pass is basically treeless.  1,200 miles of desert with few trees. 

I just checked the mileage and we drove 10,375 miles over the last 5 months and 3 days.  Holy Cow..  That’s about $4,000 just for diesel fuel!!!!  Plus we put about 6,500 miles Kathy’s car driving around sightseeing!!

What a great trip.  Once we get the coach fully unloaded and cleaned, I need to start on the modifications for the next trip in January, boondocking near Quartzite for a week on BLM land.  That includes adding a couple hundred watts of solar to the roof and replacing the worn-out house batteries, plus the addition of a new TV up front so the news can be watched without bringing up the TV behind the sofa.

(A special thanks to Gloria and Pat for coming over to help unload since Bill couldn’t walk with his knee.  I couldn’t have done it by myself!!!)