The Incredible drive from Hatch to Torrey UT along US Senic Highway 12.

The day starts out as a usual travel day.   Pack everything,  hook up the TOAD,  bring in the slides and dump the leveling jacks.   Turn on the TPMS and the VmSpc monitor.   Start the motor to air up the brakes and suspension.

Then head out on the hiway!     We travel up 89 to Highway 12, and about 5 miles in there are two tunnels carved out of the red rock just past Red Canyon.   The height says 13’4″ so we should be good.   They are round-topped, short tunnels, so it’s anyone’s guess which part is 13’4″   I tend to move over to the middle on those type of tunnels, but today there was a large semi  truck coming the other way, so I gulped and stayed to the right.  Got thru both without a scratch,  not even the antennas scraped.

We passed by the turnoff to Bryce and motored on.    The scenery on that road is second to none.  We passed thru the Grand Staircase and a few very small towns on the 120-mile drive.    Then just as you think you’ve seen it all, we come into a huge gorge with steep windy switchbacks.   The view was incredible, but not really for me.   Going down I had the Jake and the brakes on maybe doing 25 mph and it seemed like it was too fast.   It was right near Calf Creek.   Going out the other side the views were even more spectacular, but again I couldn’t look around and also had to man the tranny to keep the engine in its prime RPM’s so we don’t overheat in those 10 percent steep uphill grades.   [The spectacular thing about the views is it changed from the incredible red hills like in Kanab, to whitish versions of that with rounded hoodoos, then valley views, and then when we climbed into the mountains up to 9,800 feet, it was like you were in the forest with all the pines and birch trees!]

Not long after that we were on the top o’ the world on a narrow ridge… did i say narrow…  maybe 3 feet on each side of the road to an amazing dropoff.   Being up high in an RV and trying not to see what was right next to me was a white-knuckle experience for both of us.   No room for error on that road.  [It was extra scary to have Bill driving when he is afraid of heights.  Most of the shear dropoffs during the drive were on my side, which made me nervous, but this was on both!]

After that the rest of the ride into Torrey seemed uneventful.  But there were plenty more 10% j grades ahead both up and down to go.

Our next stop was about 50′ before the end of Route 12 and a very nice campground.   Nice view of a large meadow with cows and horses.  The boys are loving it here.  Not sure how they have so much lush grass.   Crazy windy though!!  [Baxter and Dusty love seeing the cows.   Baxter barks at them just like when he sees them on TV :)]

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