Dawson Creek & Chetwynd Carvings

We drove to the Mile 0 Campground and checked in.   Another dirt campsite with only 30 amp service.  We drove over to the main sign to take some pictures and check out the gallery and gift store.  We got the picture part, but the gallery was closed Sunday and Monday.  Oh well, they missed out on some cash,  but I was happy 🙂

That evening we headed out to a local tap room for some burgers, and on the way Kathy had to take pictures of the real Mile 0 signpost, which is not the big sign near the circle and art gallery.  The tap room was called the Post & Row.  We got to try fries with brown gravy.  It was better than poutine in my opinion.

On the way back we stopped by the museum on the campground property as we saw what looked to be a car show going on.  It was an interesting museum and we got to talk to the locals from the car show.  Turns out this was just their dinner show and their big one is in July and takes up most of the town instead of the museum.   They were talking about 500 cars on display.

The next day we decided to drive to Chetwynd where they have a chainsaw carving competition.   It was about an hour’s drive west of Dawson and we found probably over a hundred carvings to look at.  They lined the roads for miles.  Based on the markings, folks come from all over the world to compete and make their carvings.   It was pretty cool, as in windy and cool.  The carvings were pretty incredible things to see.