We drove for hours from Calgary to Diamond Grove RV outside of Edmonton in Thick Smoke.  I run the air purifier the whole time with it right up front with us and plugged into the 120v outlet at the bottom of the dash by the steps.   When we arrived at the campground the smoke was dissipating and by the next morning was gone.

We had been jones’n of pizza for at least a week and we decided to hit a Boston Pizza again.  We had been to one in Prince George the last time we were traveling thru Canada.  It didn’t disappoint.

The following morning we drove over to Stony Plain and looked for the Murals we read about,  there were a lot to see and took a few pics of the ones Kathy liked.

Then we headed over to find the Stony Plain & Parkland Pioneer Museum and spent a couple hours wandering around with a guide.  It was interesting.  On the way back from the Museum we stopped at a Grain Elevator museum but we ended up leaving without going in.   After that we all agreed to find ice cream, I found a place on google that had pretty good ratings.   We drove over and it turned out to be a trailer in the parking lot of a strip mall.   And true to their reviews the ice cream was delicious.

We were at the campground a few days and it turns out or campsites were unfortunately right across from the playground.  The issue was that from about 9am till around 8 pm there were Screaming Kids there and lots of them.  It was amazing how loud they could be and it seemed to never stop.  I don’t know how they could scream so much, I was amazed how long they could scream, I would have thought they would have been horse after just a short while.  If I was their parents, I would have sent them away too.  We were happy to leave that campsite and head for Whitecort… till we got there.  We will let you know what happened there on the next post.