Drive to Grande Cache then on to Grande Prairie

We left Jasper around 10 am for a leisurely drive to the Municipal Campground in Grande Cache.   Highway 16 east was a pretty nice ride, driving alongside a river most of the way to our turnoff on Highway 40 north.

After the turn onto 40, the drive was no longer leisurely as I was dodging potholes for the first 10 miles.  After that the road got a lot better until the construction areas began.   I think they are in the process of widening that road and it appears the first thing they do is clear-cut the trees and bring in logging trucks to haul them away.

I noticed something odd whilst driving that road.  For many miles there was what looked like orange Inter-duct lying on the ground close to the edge of the trees.   Inter-duct is what fiber is normally run thru.   I am pretty sure that is what was inside it because every mile or so there was a utility box it connected to.   This went on for maybe 50-70 miles.   I guess they are running fiber to the towns along that highway.  The odd part is I have never seen it just laid on the ground.  Back home it’s usually buried.  I guess they were just in a hurry and later they will get around to burying it.

There were a bunch of construction zones along the way, and they slow you down to 50 kph, which is about 30 mph, a very slow speed, especially when there is no construction in sight for miles before and after the workers.   One of the work zones was very interesting.   They were piling dirt/gravel down the middle of this two-lane highway and ahead about a half mile away was a line of dump trucks in the right lane waiting to drop more.  I assumed I was to wait for the cars in the southbound lane to clear and then take that side of the road, but I was waved to go and take the right lane.  It was a mud bath for the RV and especially for Kathy’s car being pulled behind.

It wasn’t far from the mud bath till we arrived in Grande Cache.  Nice small town surrounded by mountains.   We located the campground and backed into our site, but the only way I could level the coach was with the front tires about a foot off the ground.   We moved over a couple spots to a much more level spot and notified the office.

One thing that pisses me off is a place that advertises they have WiFi only to get there and it doesn’t work at the campsites.   This place wrote on the paperwork that it only works in sites near the office… And there weren’t any chairs in the office if someone did need to use it there.  We survived with our 25 KB hotspot.  (We ran out of high-speed data in Canada about the 3rd day after crossing the border. )  Can’t wait till we can get to Alaska where our unlimited hotspots will work again!

Here is Dusty sleeping during our drive to Grande Cache