Starting the long trek home

We left West Glacier early Wednesday morning for a  few nights in Missoula visit with my Niece.   We were trying for a few days be Missoula is a busy place in the summer and they don’t have many campgrounds close by.   We ended up only being able find a single night in a run down Jellystone resort just north of town.

On the way south we drove by one of the prettiest lakes we had seen, and it was very long,  we seemed to be driving along it for over a half hour at a good clip.   It was called Flathead lake.   We only saw two boats on the whole thing,  one sailboat and later a very small boat that looked like a guy was fishing from it.   Otherwise it was a huge empty lake.

We arrived at Jellystone in the early afternoon and got settled.   We drove into Missoula to get groceries and made arrangements to get some dinner at the brewery our Niece works at.

Went in and ordered a flight and my favorite was the Scotch Ale.   We had a boxed dinner from a food truck and had some beers,  Kathy had a really good Root Beer,  all she needed was some Ice Cream and it would have been a red letter day!

We drove back and began to pack up the coach as I made a reservation for a night in Dillion Montana,  probably 150 miles south.   That was an uneventful drive, but the park was surprisingly nice.  It was literally in the middle of no where with a lot of very nice diesel pushers already parked there when we arrived, and quite a few more showed up before 5pm.   That park was completely full, including a very nice grassy area under some trees with about 5 tents.   It was called Countryside RV Park south of Dillon Mt.    It was the nicest park around,  nice and far from the freeway and railroad tracks that the other two parks were right next to, actually, one of the parks was right in between the tracks and the freeway.

We head for Arco Idaho in the morning.