Heading out for Alaska trip 2023

We headed out around 11 am on Wednesday morning, drove over to our local Chevron Station to add 25 gallons of fuel at a really good price using the Chevron Rewards app that my son told me about and then hooking up the car to get on the road.   We got back on the road going on noon and immediately realized I didn’t bring my new sunglasses!  I wasn’t going to travel 6 months without them, so we headed back home to find them.

On the way home, Kathy noticed we had also forgotten the weather station, which is crucial on our trips.  What a rough start!

After searching for a long time for my sunglasses, I got a flashlight and found they had fallen between the seat and the console to the rear in my truck!!   In the process of looking everywhere in the RV though, we had extended the small bedroom slide so Kathy could look to see if they had somehow been put back there.  (I had thought I put them in the RV on the dashboard.)

We got back on the road and I was just getting onto the I-15 north when I noticed that BR slide was still out.  OMG!!!   I pulled over and we pulled it in.  Wow, never did that before!  Geez.

The rest of the drive to Barstow was pretty uneventful till we got to Victorville.   Ahead of me was a large truck and I noticed kids on a bridge ahead looking suspicious.  Just then one of them dropped what looked like a rock about 5″ across to try to hit the truck in front of me.  I leaned on the air horn, which shocked them, and they started running.  Luckily it didn’t look like the rock hit the truck and more luckily, us.   That night we stayed at the Barstow KOA.  We had stopped there before and it was a fairly decent place for the night.

A little more on the fuel situation…  We try not to fill our 150 gallon tank in California due to the $1 extra tax they add per gallon, so we last filled our tank in Tucson in March on the way home from the Escapade rally.    The cheapest fuel here in San Diego was $4.49 a gallon.  Most places were way over $5.  The Chevron near our house was $5.39, so driving the 2 miles to the next one was a good plan.   Add in the $1 per gallon discount on the first 25 gallons was nice.   That allowed us to make it to North Las Vegas where Gas Buddy told me fuel was $3.99 a gallon.  When adding at least 120 gallons of fuel, even 50 cents a gallon difference saves enough for a great lunch or a cheap dinner out.   I just like to look at prices along the route we are taking to know where to fill up.